Conference Computer at School – from IT product to effective, efficient and interesting education

Conference "Computer at school" is place for mutual inspiration and discussion in all of the ICT areas of the RVP (education school plan). Atendees can in period of 3 days attend over 100 presentations, workshops about ICT at elementary and preschool institutions.

Publish: 8.4.2020
Author: Adéla Zehringerová

About the conference

Since 2003 Gymnázium Vincence Makovského se sportovními třídami Nové Město na Moravě is a host to a nationwide conference Computer at School. The conference is attended by around 200 regularly, mainly students of primary and high schools, but also by commercial companies and nonprofit organizations, that are drawn together by the idea of efficient use of digital technologies in education.

During the three-day program, there are almost one hundred lectures and workshops. Approximately 70 % of all contributors are teachers with their practical experiences who try to get to the favor of other participants, about 30 % of remaining contributors are commercial companies with the news about the world of hardware and software.

The conference is open to all who are interested. Active pedagogues have an opportunity to present good examples of practical use of digital technologies in the teaching of any subject, and by doing so, raise the profile of their school and also discuss with other colleagues. Corporate participants can present a practical demonstration of their products in teaching and also as a support for teaching and operating ICT technologies at schools.

Looking back at the year 2018

During the last year’s conference, for example, Microsoft presented to teachers innovations in office applications, possibility to use 3D modeling in teaching and programming of simple games. Company K-net Technical International Group advised network administrators on Internet security and introduced software for inventory control, management and monitoring of the school’s IT infrastructure. How to successfully implemented 3D printing to teaching was explained to the conference participants by company Y SOFT Corporation, with a selection of high-quality data projector and ink printer company Epson advised. Of other inspirational presentations, we can mention problematics of the teaching of digital photography didactics as a part of Zoner software company presentation, programming of the Lego kit (Eduxe) and VEX (AV MEDIA) or valuable advice on how to create a modern, clear and inspiring school website (StaWEBnice). And also we can afford not to mention a couple of dozen speeches given by teachers of primary, secondary and universities, who passed on valuable experiences to colleagues from other parts of the Czech Republic.