Robot ozobot goes to libraries – summer school for future librarians

The Ozobot, with his options for programming and use not only at the during ICT lessons, but also in other subjects and out-of-school hobbies, was introduced to the students of the Summer school of the Cabinet of the Informational Studies and Literacy at the Masaryk University.

Publish: 8.4.2020
Author: Adéla Zehringerová

The Summer School of the Information and Library Studies Department of Masaryk University in Brno is an annual meeting of students, teachers, and experts at the end of the spring semester, held in June. In 2018, there were four main topics: creative spaces, post-factual times and fake news, the information in architecture and the public sector, as well as technology and artificial intelligence.

Why Ozobots to libraries?

Public libraries with its rich network since long-time-past serve as a place of development of community education, public education and social inclusion. Libraries these days also have other functions than just for gathering, like a place of organization, communication, education, and curatorship. Naturally, they present infrastructure for informal educational. In the modern library, it should be possible for the broad public not only to find books there but also other sources of information and technologies.

During the summer school, 3D printing and robot Ozobot were introduced to participants and their possible usage at home and school. Robotics in this way is not the main aim of education, but more like the instrument, that should help with the development of necessary skills in the 21st century. Mostly concerned are computational thinking and other soft skills. Besides the summer school, we are also preparing courses in the libraries in 2019.

Robot Ozobot, possibilities of programming and its use in school, not only in lessons of informatics but also during the other lectures were introduced during the first class. The class was followed by the workshop, during which the participants tried on their own what can Ozobot do and how to control him even without a computer with the help of colored Ozo codes. Tasks for individual and group solutions were picked both. Activities were aimed not only on programming but more so on the understanding of the problem, suggestion of solution, realization and checking and possible improvements.