CoderDojo – join the programming clubs

Publish: 23.2.2020
Author: Národní ústav pro vzdělávání, školské poradenské zařízení a zařízení pro další vzdělávání pedagogických pracovníků

Basic ideas and goals

The whole project is built upon the voluntary work and visiting the clubs is always free for children. The volunteers, by joining the CoderDojo,  commit themselves to prepare nice and inspirational environment for the children, that they will motivate children for project work, mutual help and that they will work on communication skills of children. CoderDojo is community project, that supports not only the involment of the volunteers and children, but also their parents. Not all the volunteers of CoderDojo are technically educated, but still, they are an integral part of CoderDojo. The community is build around the clubs on the local level, but all the volunteers are in contact electronically and they share their experiences even on the national meetings. It is the same at the international level,  the members of the CoderDojo have a chance to participate large conferences.

CoderDojo in the Czech Republic

CoderDojo has its origin in Ireland, from where it has spread to more than 95 countries (since year 2011). In the Czech Republic, currently 11 clubs are operating, namely in Prague at the University of Economics, and in Data4U, Most, Náchod, Ústí nad Labem, Frýdek-Místek, Chomutov, Olomouc, Brno, Úsov and Ostrava. Some of these clubs work in the primary and secondary schools, other at libraries or the community centers. The teachers (called “mentors” in CoderDojo) are not IT experts only, but students also. The clubs usually meet once or twice every two weeks, but some of them just once a month.