Elixir for schools at the grammar school in Polička project

Publish: 20.4.2020
Author: Pavel Vachalec


Project Elixir for schools runs successfully since 2013. Its main goal is meaningful support of the physics and digital technologies teaching at the primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic. The main instruments of fulfilling the goal are the Regional Centers (RC), that serve as a secure environment for mutual sharing of good examples and sharing good practice for teachers.

How digital technologies are being used in RC Polička?

Though the regional center run at the grammar school in Polička is mainly aimed at the support of physics teaching, the integration of digital technologies is an important part of the program of the individual meetings. The participants have, first of all, an opportunity to borrow from the common package of aids numerous sensors of the laboratory measuring system and other electronic aids (USB microscope, multimeters, digital semiconductor camera for ionizing radiation imaging …..) For the effective use of those aids, the participants are repeatedly acquainted with the specific examples of how to involve those devices into the teaching and how to cope with potential technical issues.

Commonly, the topic of the meeting is usually accompanied by originally created, 3D printed aids for education. Besides providing the ready-to-use aids and models for their creation, the center has held, in cooperation with the e-Mole magazine, several practically oriented meetings, aimed at the general aspect of the use of 3D printers at schools and offers long-term support to those interested.

In the same spirit, other lessons and workshop were aimed at, for example, on the specific use of Arduino in physics teaching, including the access to the created methodological materials, or on the possibility of usage of the platform as the cheap version of a laboratory measuring system, thanks to the originally created application provided for free.

The related area, where the time is also devoted during the center’s program, is robotics and its implementation in the teaching process. The center in addition provides long-term methodological support to the participants and others interested in cooperation with magazine e-Mole.