Digitální zdraví dětí (Slow Tech Institute, z.s.)

Contact persons

Michaela Slussareff Mail: michaela@slowtechinstitute.org

Member's information

Digitální zdraví dětí (Children’s digital health) seeks to spread awareness of the negative as well as possible positive effects of technology on children’s development and the family in general. Today’s society is still looking for answers on how to integrate technology into human life without harm. This question is asked not only by parents but also by educators, psychologists, pediatricians, and scientists.

The Initiative was established as an educational project of the non-profit organization Slow Tech Institute, which is a group of experts on new media in the Czech Republic. We gather child psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, experts on social networks, and other modern phenomena in the team.

What are we doing:
1) We train children in schools about digital addictions, social networks, influencers, and pornography.
2) We train educators on digital addictions, social networks, influencers, and pornography, pass on experiences and materials so that children can teach children about topics in an interactive way.
3) We lecture for pediatricians and prepare materials for them that they can use in their practice for screening their young patients, and thus prevent digital ailments.
4) We prepare online and offline courses for parents of young children and teenagers to know how to teach themselves and their children healthy technological habits.