Klub českých turistů

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Zdeněk Cabalka

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The Czech Tourists´ Club (KCT) is an association of active tourists and fans of tourism. Everybody, whlo agrees to the Status and the Programme of KCT can be its member after the payment of the membership fee.
On behalf of KCT the Task Force for Electronic Tourism in the framework of the KCT Programme Council represent its membership in Czech National Coalition for Digital Jobs. Its message is to promote all kinds of e-tourism, which is in KCT understood in its widest scope as a healthy movement (not only) in nature with the help of modern technologies. Namely, it means GPS and geo-locational games on smartphones (partnership with GEOFUN project), but also other tourist applications, e-tracks on the occasion of KCT events for public, cooperation with map portals (mapy.cz a.o.), in the framework of s.c. knowledge tourism and teaching by tourism there are contests, e-tracks and games for chldren and youth can be named.