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Hackation for schools, region Hradec Králové

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The Czech National Coalition for Digital Jobs was joined by the Kralovehradecky Region by signing a Memorandum in 2018. The DigiKoalice philosophy corresponds to the activity of the Education Department, the Education Projects Unit, namely the Regional Action Plan for the
Development of Education in the Kralovehradecky Region and the Implementation of the Regional Action Plan for the Development of Education in the Kralovehradecky Region I.

Our goal is to streamline the teaching process through digital tools used in teaching. We do not want to use computer technology for the entire class and every lesson, we try to make it more natural for everyone to teach or learn. This is related to student orientation, group work, attractive and interesting learning.
We want to achieve this goal by educating primary and secondary school teachers, organizing seminars and conferences, organizing and co-financing
internships in Finnish schools, facilitating foreign experience and sharing good practice within the Hradec Králové Region. Schools also feature software applications that can be efficiently used in lessons of various subjects, equip schools with different degrees of software and hardware, allow schools to request funds to support polytechnic education and digitization of teaching and learning. We also issue grant programs for schools of other founders.

We are planning to support lifelong learning in the regions using existing facilities and equipment – we are currently looking for funding to cover the
education of “digitally excluded” target groups such as long-term unemployed, social exclusion, parents of children and teenagers, elderly people
etc. We realize that a high percentage of graduates in current secondary schools are preparing for professions that will cease during their productive
lives and  therefore we highlight e-learning tools and online education.