More about DigiCoalition

Who are we?

  • We are an open fellowship of representatives of state institutions, IT companies, ICT sector, educational institutions, academic assemblies, non-profit organizations, statutory authorities of schools, educational institutions and other entities, that are wishing to contribute to better digital literacy of citizens of the Czech Republic, to increase their chances of succeeding on the labour market with help of with their digital skills and a result, improving the competitiveness of the Czech economy.
  • We are a platform open to every organization that supports the ideas of Memorandum. You can become a member easily – by signing our joint Memorandum.

What are the main goals of DigiKoalice?

  • We connect digital Czech – DigiKoalice helps with the development of digital literacy of citizens within the Czech Republic, with particular activities and for this purpose, we synergically connect the cooperating organizations and their activities. We organize panel discussions, roundtables, workshops, and other joint meetings, which creates space for debates and discussions on selected topics. We support conferences, seminars and campaigns that promote IT disciplines and digital competencies.
  • We inspire Digital Czech – We boost discussion and interest in both, professional circles and of the general public, about the increasing demand for workers in digital jobs. We popularize your examples of digital education activities and others areas
  • We support Digital Czech Republic – With our support and promotion, more attention is drawn to current and future activities that support digital education and to the lack of qualified employees for digital vacancies . We offer space for reflection on past activities of our members.

In Autumn 2018, DigiKoalice focused on the following topics:

Where and when did DigiKoalice originate?

  • The Czech National Coalition for Digital Jobs (abbreviated DigiKoalice) was established in the Czech Republic on 28 November 2016, following the example of foreign initiatives.
  • It is now one of 23 existing digital coalitions in Europe.
  • DigiKoalice is a member of the international Skills and Jobs Coalition platform.

 Who founded DigiKoalice?

  • The establishment of DigiKoalice was initiated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports together with other partners:
    • Deputy Prime Minister for Science, Research and Innovation,
    • The Government‘s office, represented by the Czech Republic’s Digital Agenda Coordinator,
    • The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs,
    • The Ministry of Industry and Trade,
    • ICT sector, represented by Czech ICT Alliance

Why was Digikoalice founded?

  • Because digital technologies are changing our world!
  • Digital technologies are interfering more and more, either directly or indirectly, with the lives of all people in different areas, and for most of the professions, digital competencies are increasingly becoming a basic condition.
  • Together, we are working on digital education; to be up-to-date, to be effective, and to provide every citizen of the Czech Republic with an opportunity to develop their digital skills throughout their life in order to be successful in the labour market, and to be able to use digital technologies to satisfy their life needs and to be content with their life
  • We want to support the purpose of DigiKoalice as a platform for spreading positive changes in an approach towards digital technologies, but with an accent on correct application and didactic enshrinement of desired changes.
  • We want to support the realization of joint activities in the field of digital vacancies, digital education and in the role of digital technologies in the personal and vocational lives of the Czech citizens.

Purpose – “why do we exist” 

  • We connect tutors and employers to increase the digital literacy of Czech citizens.
  • We bring together key digital players and support their cooperation.
  • We promote a positive approach towards digital technologies.
  • We share examples of good practice and we are inspired by them.

Values ​​- “what do we believe”

  • We are convinced that mutual dialogue, cooperation and openness helps better development and move us forward towards the common aims.
  • Our motto is “Partnership, openness, synergy.”
  • We are convinced that the development of digital competences helps citizens to prove their competitiveness in the present digital society.

Vision – “what do we want to achieve”

  • Our visions are framed in the Joint Memorandum of the members of the Czech National Coalition for Digital Jobs.