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Datum a čas konání: 05. 04. 2023 11:00 - 12:00
Cena: Zdarma
Webová stránka: Registration and more information
Zapojené organizace: Evropská komise
Cílová skupina: Digitální dovednosti pro ICT odborníky
Digitální dovednosti pro všechny
Digitální dovednosti ve vzdělávání
Digitální dovednosti pro pracovní sílu
Úroveň digitálních dovedností: Odborník na digitální technologie
Téma: Digitální dovednosti
Jazyk: Angličtina
Geografický rozsah: Evropská unie

O akci

How can organisations become Pledgers and contribute to the Digital Decade target goals?

Akce pouze v angličtině.

On Wednesday 5 April, at 11:00, the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform will hold a webinar on the Pledges for Digital Skills, to inform on the initiative, explain how organisations can take part and present four organisations that have already made a pledge, who will share their commitments and experience:

  • Andrada Beloia, Project Manager at EOS Foundation Romania. The Pledge is “CyberStarter“, which develops a cybersecurity course for beginners and it covers the basics and the main areas of IT security and data protection.
  • Boris Majstorovic, Senior Consultant at NIRAS International Consulting. With the “Education to Employment (E2E) programme”, they pledge to train new ICT professionals for the Serbian labour market.
  • Theocharis Moysiadis, Business Development Manager at Future Intelligence. “Smart Farming” is a project to raise awareness among the farming multi-stakeholder community about IoT/ BigData/ Technology-enabled Agriculture. He will tell us more about the opportunities for an efficient, effective and overall sustainable farming.
  • Alessandra Miata, Corporate Social Responsibility Head at Capgemini. She will present “Nuovi Lidi“, an initiative that invites Senior and Junior citizens to attend a MOOC and learn how to better use their own devices and become more familiar with the most common Apps and services.


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