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Datum a čas konání: 20. 10. 2022 9:30 - 11:30
Cena: Zdarma
Webová stránka: Registrace
Zapojené organizace: Evropská komise
Cílová skupina: Digitální dovednosti pro všechny
Digitální dovednosti ve vzdělávání
Digitální dovednosti pro ICT odborníky
Digitální dovednosti pro pracovní sílu
Úroveň digitálních dovedností: Odborník na digitální technologie
Téma: Digitální dovednosti, Virtuální realita, Rozšířená realita, Blockchain, Umělá inteligence, Internet věcí, Kybernetická bezpečnost, Big Data
Jazyk: Angličtina
Geografický rozsah: Evropská unie

O akci

(událost v angličtině)

The third round of DIGITAL Europe Programme calls has now been published, with up to 56 million euros to design  

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in digital domains such as cybersecurity, internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • Multi-disciplinary courses empowering professionals in non-ICT sectors with digital skills

Are you a higher education institution, a research and excellence centre or an innovative business developing digital technologies? You now have the opportunity to partner-up and design courses and programmes to expand the European education offer in strategic digital domains! 

For details, visit the page dedicated to the DIGITAL Europe Programme calls in digital skills

Register for the virtual info day and pitching event!

Applications under this Call are open for consortia. To learn about the composition requirements, conditions and criteria, the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform invites you to this online info day and pitching event on 20 October 2022. You will learn about the Call 3 and you will get the possibility to search for partners and prepare your proposal

Do you want to contribute to improve Europe´s training landscape in digital technologies? Are you considering applying to the third DIGITAL Europe call and would like to pitch your project idea? 

If you are interested in pitching your project idea, you can mention it in the registration form, by providing a short description of your pitch. Selected pitches will be announced ahead of the event. 

How can you find partners?

While you wait for the event day, you can already start your search for partners.  

The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform has set up a Partner for Digital Skills Networking Group to help you find consortia partners, with a dedicated thread of discussion on this specific call that will be launched soon.   

There are 4 easy steps to find partners: 

  1. Register and login to the Platform via your EU Login account.  
  2. Join the Partner for Digital Skills Networking Group.
  3. Present yourself and your organisation in a comment on the dedicated Discussion Thread.  
  4. Message other group members via Private Messaging and invite them to partner. 
Who should attend?  

Organisations from the following categories are encouraged to participate in this event: 

  • Education and Training providers (HEIs, Training companies, VET providers, and companies providing training.) 
  • Research and Excellence Centres (EU, National or Regional Level).  
  • Industry and businesses who can contribute to the training programme design and delivery, provide specialist expertise, facilities, etc. 

Are you looking for more information? Visit our section dedicated to the DIGITAL Europe Programme and the calls!

Event agenda
  • 9.30 – 9.40        Welcome
  • 9.40 – 10.20      DIGITAL Europe Call 3 – Administrative steps, Funding & Tender portal, Q&A session
  • 10.12 – 10.40    DIGITAL Europe Call 3 – Scope of the call, Q&A session
  • 10.40 – 11.00    Experiences from successful candidates, Q&A session
  • 11.00 – 11.30    Pitch your project idea!


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