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O iniciativě

Give your spare laptop, phone or tablet a new life in the hands of a Ukrainian healthcare worker, teacher or student.

Ukraine needs your help to stay connected

Since the start of the full scale Russian invasion, it has become increasingly difficult for the Ukrainian people to stay connected.

The war has had a devastating impact on Ukrainian infrastructure, and millions of people have been displaced, forcing their work, education and social lives online. It is estimated that 200,000 schoolchildren in the most affected regions are now learning remotely.

A severe shortage of electronic devices like laptops, tablets and phones threatens to unplug the Ukrainian people from the internet.

If you have a new or used device lying around the house, give it a new life in the hands of a Ukrainian nurse, teacher or student. If you are a company and have spare ICT equipment, use it to support the fight for democracy on Europe’s borders.

Your donation could support a hospital to provide essential care, help children to continue their education, or assist a local government to deliver vital services.

Thanks to the EU’s civil protection mechanism, we can ship the devices to Ukraine and
on to where they are needed most.

Let’s keep Ukraine connected.
Let’s collect #LaptopsforUkraine.