Základní informace o iniciativě

Oblast vzdělávání a rozvoje: Všeobecné programy a kvalifikace dále nedefinované
Téma: Software, Digitální dovednosti, Vývoj webových stránek, Vývoj mobilních aplikací
Cílová skupina: Digitální dovednosti pro všechny
Úroveň digitálních dovedností: Základní, Střední
Druh iniciativy: Regionální iniciativa
Geografický rozsah: Evropská unie

O iniciativě

Our goal is to encourage female participation in tech and engineering while promoting gender equality in the workplace

Women Go Tech was co-founded in 2016 by Žydrūnė Vitaitė and Paulius Vertelka and executed as a joint initiative between the Vilnius Global Shapers Hub and INFOBALT.

The program was forged on the belief that good mentoring opens up career opportunities. It’s easy to waste your potential if nobody’s around to lend a helping hand, isn’t it?

And for women that effort quadruples, as gender biases often prevent them from climbing up the ladder in the tech world.

That’s where Women Go Tech kicked in. The co-founders started a movement for diversity in tech-related jobs and began offering mentoring resources. This resulted in an unprecedented tech talent pool that would otherwise be hidden from the public.

The Women Go Tech mentoring program has attracted hundreds of women that changed their lives and found happiness in a completely new industry. The initiative also spawned a generation of confident female role models that will continue to inspire our future mentees.

After evolving into a full-fledged change agent in Lithuania’s technology sector, the time has come for Women Go Tech to expand and apply the lessons learned locally to have a truly global impact. As a result, Women Go Tech aims to assist 25 000 women in the CEE region in requalifying for careers in technology by 2024.