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Level up your child’s education with project-based coding classes that prepare them to take on the modern world.

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We’re experts at teaching kids to code for an increasingly tech-driven world.

Job demand for coding skills is projected to grow over 2x faster than other occupations. Prepare your kids for the modern world with Juni, no matter their experience level. We offer a full computer science curriculum for kids ages 8-18.

Find an online coding class that fits your schedule & needs:

For the creative, the gamer, or the mathematician, Python is a powerful and widely used coding language. In this course, students programmatically generate graphic art and build a game while learning Python fundamentals. This 1:1 course is hands-on and tailored to your child’s learning.

Introduce your child to coding! Scratch is a kid-friendly coding language that’s block-based and visual (like virtual LEGOs). Kids will learn coding and CS fundamentals while building games they can play and share with friends.